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Some roots of MR TAX go back into the 1920’s when the Kalishmans owned a small grocery in downtown Pensacola. When the income tax act was passed, Mrs. Kalishman found that many of her customers could not read and write so were unable to do their own tax returns. So she began doing returns for $1 each. She continued this for many years, and the practice was assumed by her son Sidney when she passed away. Sidney continued to do some of the returns as his insurance practice grew. In 1985, Sidney sold the remaining 120 clients to Ray Hickey who called the practice Florida Accounting and Tax Service (FATS). MR TAX still does most of their returns, as well as many of their children and grandchildren.

The other roots go back to the 1950’s when a chain of tax preparation offices called Mr Tax Systems grew up on the Gulf Coast. There were many offices from Pensacola to Panama City. The company was sold in the sixties and began to decline. The Panama City office still survives, and the Pensacola practice was sold to Joe Gottler in Elberta Alabama, where today Mr Tax Systems still operates. For years Joe did both places, but in 1991 he sold the Pensacola clients to Ray Hickey, and FATS became Mr. Tax Systems. In 1995 the company moved to Harbourtown and in 1996 moved into it’s present quarters. In 2000 when the company incorporated, the name was changed to MR TAX of Gulf Breeze, Inc. and is now just known as MR TAX.

Ray Hickey Carla Dedolph


Ray was born in 1944 in Waterbury, CT. At the age of 10, he moved to Baton Rouge, LA. He attended LSU for two years and then enlisted in the Navy and served four years as an Electronic Technician, two of them in Vietnam. After the he was discharged in 1969 he moved to MA where he worked as a Credit Manager and in 1970 began doing income tax returns for a tax service.

In 1971 he returned to LSU for another year of education, but again he dropped out while majoring in accounting. In 1973 he moved to Miami, FL where he got his first job as an accountant. Within a year or so, he was Controller of a large construction company. He then became CEO of a large paint and drywall company where he stayed until the construction crash of 1975.

In 1975 he went to Tallahassee to complete his education at Florida State. After finishing at Florida State, he held several jobs as Corporate Controller, for increasingly large companies, ending with a subsidiary of Dyn Corp. with 500 employees operating in nine states.

Throughout these years, he did income taxes during tax season on the side. In 1985 he moved to Pensacola and bought a small tax practice from Sid Kalishman. In 1995 he began doing taxes on a full time basis and has been doing so ever since.

In 2010 he took the three day examination and passed the extensive background check to become an enrolled Agent of the IRS so that he might better represent his clients before the IRS. In 2009, he began working only during tax season, and plans to continue doing taxes for many years to come on that basis.


Carla Dedolph



Carla was born in Cleveland, OH, the daughter of a career Naval Officer. She lived for several years in Alaska and married her first husband there.

They later moved to Pensacola, where they had two children. In 1963, Art and Carla started their first business, Chan’s Chinese Carry Out, on Gregory Street.

After selling that to business to Mei Ling, they purchased the Amco Transmission franchise on Garden Street. After a few years they purchased the one on Fairfield as well. They sold those franchises in the late 1980’s. Carla bought a travel agency with no money and no customers called Adventure World Travel. She built Adventure World Travel into three going agencies, one in Gulf Breeze, one in Pensacola,and one in Mobile, AL. In the early 2000’s Carla sold the agencies to Adventure Travel out of Birmingham, AL.

At that time she joined MR TAX, and added her vast business experience to our tools to assist our clients. After several years of overseeing the accounting operation at MR TAX, she trained for three years in tax preparation, and in 2008 she began doing taxes for MR TAX. She now has a nearly full slate of clients.

In 2009, she became a co-owner of MR TAX with her husband Ray Hickey, and soon after became the managing partner running the office throughout the year while Ray works only during tax season. Carla is registered as a preparer with the IRS and will be taking the examination to be a certified preparer later this year when the IRS begins requiring preparers to be examined